Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

Malu's father talks about his daughter's pregnancy

It is certainly the news of the day:
Malú and Albert Rivera await your first son
. As expected, television programs have been hunted for reactions and
Save me
has been able to talk to him father of the future mom, Pepe de Lucía, who has confessed that he is still in “shock”After receiving the news.

In a telephone conversation with the program, Lucia said that “I'm in shock because I was driving and [Malú] told me: ‘Daddy, Giving me a call! ¡¡Daddy Giving me a call!'. I got scared, stopped and called him”, The singer's father was still excited, which is why he is still very excited about the news.

I'm looking forward to taking it and giving it a snack in the belly ”

Next, Malú told his father: “’
Daddy don't panic, you're going to be grandpa dad, grandpa
', he told me. What a joy! It has given me incredible joy! And here I am, that after the shock comes what is calm. And in the calm it is when I am out of date. ”Of course, once he has recovered his breath he has very clear his priorities as a grandfather.

“I don't know what to do and what to say … it's news that has given me life. My only daughter, whom I love and adore with madness! I'm looking forward to taking it and giving it a snack in the belly ”, has ended up telling the Telecinco program that he has managed to talk to him. In the same space, Laura Fa, collaborator of Sálvame, has assured that Malú would be pregnant between 11 to 13 weeks.

Malú and the former leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, jointly announced this morning that they were going to be parents. They did it by sharing the photo of a pacifier in their social networks. The news has caught the whole press of the heart by surprise, who did not know the news, even though some rumors that pointed to this possibility for days.

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