Maluma recommends in his new song “Sobrio” not to mix alcohol and heartbreak

Miami, Jul 8 (EFE) .- The Colombian artist Maluma launched this Thursday “Sobrio”, a new musical proposal in which he recommends not mixing alcohol and heartbreak, a fatal combination that, he said, can lead one to “screw it up ”.

“This is a story that many will identify with. I’m sure, ”Maluma said in statements to the press when he presented“ Sobrio ”, Maluma’s first song since January 2021, when he launched his experimental project“ 7 Days in Jamaica ”.

“The song also sends a message that you don’t have to drink so much not to screw it up,” added the 27-year-old artist with a laugh, who, paradoxically, has been the image of several brands of alcoholic beverages.

Before and more seriously he had explained that “Sobrio” is part of his process of looking for complete productions that were not “more of the same”.

With the song, composed by Maluma, Édgar Barrera, Keityn (Kevyn Mauricio Cruz), Robledo (Alejandro Robledo), Filly Andrés Lima and Lenin Yorney Palacios, the artist follows the path he took with his hit “Hawaii”.

In this new song, the dembow, the rhythm of reggaeton, pushes the song to danceable pop, accompanied by a strong melodic component and lyrics close to orchestrated ballads that dominated Latin music for decades.

The song was accompanied by a video recorded in Los Angeles that shows a Maluma making a fool of himself in a nightclub, in which the owner of his heart, the Israeli model Eden Fines, appears with her new partner, Scott Disick, known for being the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s children.

As part of the promotional campaign for “Sobrio”, Maluma and Disick have been exchanging unkind messages on social media for two weeks, reflecting their antagonistic roles in the music video, although it was all a marketing strategy.

Also featured in the production are American artists Saweetie and Quincy and Australian model Shanina Shaik, a cast that makes it clear that with “Sobrio” Maluma has set his sights on lovers of multicultural sounds.

In addition to the launch of the song, the artist is preparing an ambitious tour that will begin in September and is “looking forward” to the May 2022 premiere of his movie “Marry Me”, starring with Jennifer López and Owen Wilson.


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