Maluma concert canceled at the National Stadium of Lima

A concert that Colombian singer Maluma was going to present on Thursday at the National Stadium in Lima was canceled because the sports venue lacked the Civil Defense security authorization, the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD) reported.

“Until the last moment we tried to make the coordination to have the Civil Defense certificate and without that regulation we cannot give the pass for this event,” said the president of the IPD, Gustavo San Martín, to the RPP Noticias station.

The top Peruvian sports leader added that, for that reason, they have provided that the doors of the National Stadium “do not open.”

According to local media reports, the concert had been organized for its clients by an international gas distribution and sales company, and thousands of people were expected to attend the stadium.

San Martin acknowledged that “unfortunately” many people had already reached the National, so he announced that they were going to “talk to the company” with which they signed the contract to communicate the cancellation to the attendees, who complained about the lack of information.

Maluma published, for his part, a video on his social networks in which he regretted not being able to appear at the National Stadium, although he arrived during the afternoon of this Thursday in Lima.

“Unfortunately the concert was canceled due to technical problems, for things that are beyond my reach. I was very excited to sing them because it was the first show I was going to give throughout the year and it was at the stadium, with 27,000 people confirmed,” he said. .

The Colombian singer, who began his international career in 2012 participating in a popular youth program of Peruvian television competitions, added that he believes “that everything in life goes through something” and promised his Peruvian followers that he will return to Lima to “give that concert and it will be an unforgettable night. “

The organizers had indicated in their social networks that the national singers Daniela Darcourt and Ezio Oliva were also going to be presented at the concert, as well as the popular cumbia group of the Yaipén Brothers.

In the last hours, Oliva had published videos in his social networks in which he appeared in the sound test in the National, while the Yaipén Brothers placed a video inside the stadium preparing for his presentation.


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