Malta denies port to Aita Mari to disembark the 43 rescued

The Maltese authorities have denied port to Aita Mari to disembark the 43 migrants he rescued on Monday in a boat that had been adrift for four days in the Central Mediterranean.

The NGO Maritime Human Rescue, which operates the Basque ship, has explained in a statement that Malta has communicated that it is not going to allow the landing of the 43 castaways in its territory and that it is not going to be in charge of offering another exit for them.

In this way, the 43 people await a solution on the deck of the Basque tuna boat, converted into a rescue boat, which is currently 161 nautical miles from Malta and 137 from Lampedusa (87 and 74 kilometers, respectively).

The NGO warns that weather conditions will further complicate the stay on board the 43 migrants and the crew, as a stormy episode appears to be looming.

Humanitarian Maritime Rescue has accused Malta of “breaching its legal obligations” since, “according to international” maritime standards, “the country coordinating a rescue has an obligation to ensure the landing of people in a safe place.”

He noted that at this time, “no other State has ruled on the future of these castaways” whose medical situation has not been evaluated “by any health authority.

He has denounced, in this sense, that yesterday the Maltese authorities decided to send a doctor by helicopter, who, however, could not go down to the ship as they had already been warned from the ship since its design makes the descent unfeasible.

The NGO criticizes that Malta does not consider the possibility of transferring this medical assistance on a ship, which would be “the simplest and most logical solution” to attend to the rescued people, who, although “well”, have spent four nights on the high seas and among them is a “a pregnant woman who needs to be monitored”.


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