'Malqueridas' by Tana Gilbert wins the 13th Lanzarote Film Festival

'Malqueridas' by Tana Gilbert wins the 13th Lanzarote Film Festival

The ruling, argued this Saturday before the spectators in an open and transparent manner, is already a hallmark of the Lanzarote Film Festival and in this 13th editionthe jury has valued the capacity that 'Malqueridas', by the Chilean Tana Gilbert, to "move and excite in a balanced, respectful, dignified way, legitimizing the life that these people share with us in their stories, offering a suggestive and generous space so that we viewers can inhabit this reality in the most empathetic way possible.

'Malqueridas' tells the life of Chilean women in prisons, where there is a ban on filming videos or taking photographs. In prison spaces, it is prohibited to record or record the daily life of women, not even when they are pregnant, give birth or care for their children during the first 24 months, since when they turn two years old, babies have to be leave jail

The special mention has been for 'Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World', del rumano Radu Judebecause, as the jury itself has said, "we are faced with an extraordinary filmmaker, with a fascinating plastic and expressive freedom, great connoisseur of cinema and its possibilitieswhich also demonstrates a strong commitment to humanity, by establishing a fertile dialogue between individuals and society, and whose exploration of the territory, with a geographical base in Bucharest, manages to transcend its border and summon from the cinematographic story a space of universal thought ».

The best canary short

The winning short canary has been 'Bloom', by Helena Girón and Samuel L. Delgado, which talks about San Borondón, a mythical island that appears and disappears. Throughout history, it has been located near the Canary Islands on maps. During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the legend of the island of San Borondón gained such strength that expeditions were organized to discover and conquer it. After centuries of oblivion, it has finally been found.

The jury highlights that "it is an audiovisual piece that built through hypnotic images, for their beauty and aesthetic treatment, a geography in flight. A submerged land that emerges only from time to time, and that tries to be recorded and organized through the curious gaze of the human gesture that collects to tell viewers how that imagined territory is configured and inhabited.

The young jury award of the Lanzarote Film Festival has been for 'Dark Night' by Sylvain George and a special mention for 'Malqueridas'.

The Lanzarote Film Festival jury that made this decision is made up of: Maria Abeniadirector, teacher, scriptwriter and programmer, the latter for five years at the MiradasDoc International Documentary Film Festival. Garbine Ortega, specialized in experimental and non-fiction cinema, her practice focuses on curating and programming. Her curatorial work has been shown internationally. And the third component, Irina Raffo, director, photographer and producer. She has acted as a jury and mentor at several festivals and has been a guest teacher at the International Film and TV School of San Antonio de los Baños, among many others.

The 13th Lanzarote Film Festival is organized by the non-profit association Tenique Cultural