Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Malmström says the EU wants to avoid "escalation of tensions" with the US UU

Malmström says the EU wants to avoid "escalation of tensions" with the US UU

European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said today that the EU wants to avoid "an escalation of trade tensions" with the US. US, after US President Donald Trump announced new tariffs for the Airbus case.

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Malmström spoke during a press conference in Tokyo, after Trump confirmed on Twitter the announcement of the imposition of tariffs worth 11,000 million dollars to the European Union (EU) proposed by the Office of the EE Representative. . UU due to the aid received by the aeronautical Airbus.

The European Commissioner said that Brussels "handles different data" to those that Trump alleges European subsidies, adding that the European Commission (EC) "has figures from the World Trade Organization (WTO) that show that the United States also gives subsidies "that go against the standards of the international organization.

"We hope to resolve this in a friendly way, we want to sit down to talk based on the consultations carried out by the member states and on the basis of WTO standards," Malmström said during his appearance before the media in Tokyo after meeting with the Japanese chancellor, Taro Kono

"It would be very unfortunate (both parties) to enter into an escalation of commercial tensions," stressed the European Commissioner.

"The World Trade Organization (WTO) has established that European Union subsidies to Airbus negatively affected the United States, which will now impose tariffs on European products worth 11 billion!", Wrote Trump on his personal account on Tuesday. .

The president concluded his message by assuring that during "many years" the EU "has taken advantage" of Washington in commercial matters, for which he roared: "Soon it will end!".

In July 2018, the EU and the United States agreed to a truce after months of escalating trade tensions over Washington's intention to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum, for which they pledged to hold talks to move towards a "zero" situation. duty".

The pact urged the two not to introduce additional tariffs for the duration of the talks, while the EU undertook to reduce some industrial tariffs and increase certain US imports.

The tariffs proposed by the Trump Administration would be a countermeasure to the cost that they represent for EE. UU EU subsidies to the European aviation industry, although Washington said it will wait for the WTO arbitrate on the figure in dispute between the two blocks before making a decision.


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