November 30, 2020

Mallorca: Kubo and penalties defeat Villarreal | sports

Manida in football is the maxim that matches are decided by details. In Mallorca-Villarreal the details corresponded to Take Kubo. The 18-year-old Japanese youth on loan from Madrid intervened in the three island goals. In the first one he was subject to a penalty – Del Cerro considered infraction and the VAR certified it; later with a spur in the center of the field he enabled a kickback that concluded with a new Asenjo penalty on Febas; and finally Kubo concluded his best performance in his appearance in Primera with a left-handed goal, the first of the Japanese in LaLiga that stood out in the preseason with Madrid, another jewel of the catalog of young talents that the Castellana club accumulates. “Everyone told me that I had to appear and it has been. Marking the first goal in First I have fulfilled a great dream, ”he acknowledged at the end of the Kubo match.






Manolo Reina, Lumor (Xisco Campos, min. 85), Raíllo, Martin Valjent, Joan Sastre, Junior Lake, Takefusa Kubo (Josep Señé, min. 66), Iddrisu Baba, Aleix Febas, Ante Budimir (Abdón Prats, min. 81 ) and Dani.


Asenjo, Albiol, Rubén Peña, Mario (Trigueros, min. 80), Pau Francisco Torres, Iborra (Samuel Chukwueze, min. 45), Franck Zambo, Cazorla, Moi Gómez (Javi Ontiveros, min. 67), Gerard Moreno and Karl Toko Ekambi.

1-0 min. 12: Junior Lake (p). 2-0 min. 23: Dani (p). 2-1 min. 48: Cazorla (p). 3-1 min. 52: Takefusa Kubo.

Carlos from Cerro Grande

Aleix Febas (min. 93),
Dani (min. 54),
Asenjo (min. 21),
Albiol (min. 76) and
Rubén Peña (min. 59).

Stadium:Are moix

He beat Mallorca to a Villarreal who once again showed a clear plan at home, again defeated by his lack of forcefulness in the areas, halted by Reina with merit interventions. Villarreal shot 16 times at the goal of the veteran goalkeeper from Malaga and only beat him on penalty. Mallorca took advantage of three of its five shots – two penalties – to score three goals. With the victory against the yellows, the vermilion have achieved all their points (14) in Son Moix.

The high pressure of Mallorca at the exit of the spherical Villarreal caused an error of Asenjo in the pass to Albiol that ended up in a corner kick in favor of the vermilion set. The corner kick taken by Kubo fell short of the rejection of the Japanese himself, who after entering the area fell to the ground when he felt a contact from Iborra. Del Cerro Grande marked the penalty spot, and Lago Junior advanced to Mallorca before the quarter hour.

Villarreal was touched by what he considered an injustice. In the mood and in the game. I didn't know yet that history would repeat itself shortly after. Mallorca took advantage of the yellow forward defense to braid an excellent transition initiated in a spur of Kubo so that Dani Rodríguez planted in a long run to the Villarreal area and assisted Febas who, with all the options to score, punctuated the ball out . Because of the inertia of the action and with the ball already out of the field, Asenjo and Febas collided. Again from Cerro Grande decreed penalty. The maximum penalty was successfully launched by Dani Rodríguez. From eleven meters, the set of Vicente Moreno had the victory in his hands at 24 minutes of play. Nobody remembered in Son Moix de Salva Sevilla, the captain and reference of Mallorca absent by sanction.

With the double advantage, the vermilion team gathered lines protecting Reina. The ball was from Villarreal that did not flow the game or give it depth. However, until the break, the Calleja group had three idyllic opportunities. In the first one, a shot of Cazorla from the edge of the area passed by touching the right stick of Reina. The subsequent occasions of Anguissa and Mario avoided by Reina and Lumor respectively were clearer.

Villarreal set out to rebel at his misfortune from the beginning of the second half. In the first three minutes he generated two occasions and a penalty was signaled in favor. Raíllo made two infractions on Gerard Moreno whom he tried to hold by grabbing him by the shirt and kicking his foot in the head of the Catalan striker in his attempt to finish. The maximum penalty was scored by Cazorla.

Far from being scared, Mallorca changed the plan, ceased to be conservative. To each attack of the Villarreal the islanders responded with criterion and danger. Blunt was Take Kubo with a left-footed shot from the edge of the area that Asenjo did not reach. Again an advantage of two goals, three minutes after the goal of Cazorla. Villarreal, with a world ahead, did not react. Two penalties and Kubo defeated him.

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