August 7, 2020

Maleducar is not an option – La Provincia

I imagine that each mother, each father, will have his story to tell that day, that crystalline moment in which you realize that together with all the happiness and smiles that recent parentality adds, it grows, free of all rational control, fear.

We wake up in the middle of the night just to see if they continue well, we fear that when introducing the following food an allergy manifests up to that unknown moment, and thus the months, the years add up, we grow and continue dealing with joys and fears.

Not all fears are equal, it is convenient to know that the roots of certain fears have nothing to do with uncertainty and much with hate messages perfectly structured and shared for centuries in our society and that so much suffering and inequalities have generated.

Our democracy has grown at the same rate that it deprived itself of curricular content that justified the machismo and submission of women, which promoted racism or encouraged discrimination and harassment of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders.

We belong to a European Union that in the Charter of Fundamental Rights expressly prohibits "all discrimination, and in particular that based on sex or sexual orientation", and we live in a Community that in its Education Law obliges us to implement "actions aimed at incorporating into the education system an education in values ​​such as environmental education, the culture of peace, coexistence and equality of all, regardless of their sexual and gender identity. "

So rudeness is not an option, it is to contradict the laws with which we have endowed and suppresses the social advances that have sustained them.

It is therefore appropriate to distinguish the fear that some mothers and fathers may have when addressing the promotion of equality or the end of discrimination based on orientation or identity of political discourses that encourage hatred of differences.

As much marketing effort as certain campaigns can do we do not forget that those who are behind those brochures that arrive at schools these days are the same ones who refused to stop homosexuality and transsexuality from being considered diseases, they opposed the divorce, the right to abortion, marriage between people of the same sex, and air their racism every week.

It is very likely that in this subject, as in so many others, the best interest of the minor is violated by the prejudices and stereotypes with which we have been educated.

Childhood and youth is plural and diverse. Educating them to be happy in it should not only be our legal obligation but our main social occupation.

Let us open our centers and training spaces even more not only for students but also for the rest of the citizens, mothers and fathers. Let us mitigate fears with the necessary arguments to see how much equality adds to us and how the inequalities and violence they generate us are ballasted.

We are backed by laws and a freer and more encouraging future for the development of new generations. Let us do just the opposite of those who want to disguise their fear and their hate of freedom and, with happiness on the horizon, do not take a step back.

Sylvia Jaén Martínez. Deputy Minister of Equality and Diversity.

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