July 16, 2020

Male violence in the Canary Islands: Attack your partner during the quarantine in Arrecife – La Provincia

The Local Police of Arrecife proceeded to arrest a man for gender violence crime on March 19 at the Marqués de Santillana street towards your romantic partner. The detainee, who had already filed several complaints and even had a restraining order filed, He tried to avoid the agents’ access to the house, denying any type of altercation in the home..

The Local Police officers of Arrecife They heard cries from several girls inside the house, so they decided to enter. Once inside, they found the woman in a panic and locked in the room with her two daughters, ages 7 and 9. Furthermore, the victim also had apparent difficulties in walking.

In such a situation, the man was arrested by a gender violence crime being put before the corresponding judicial authorities.


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