Malcolm X’s daughter is found dead in her New York apartment

Malika Shabazz, 56, daughter of the anti-segregation leader Malcolm X, was found dead last night in his apartment in Brooklyn, south of New York, no apparent signs of violenceNew York police reported.

It was her own 28-year-old daughter who found Malika’s body, who she had been ill “for a while”New York Police Chief Dermot Shea was quoted as saying by the New York Post.

Although an autopsy will be performed on his corpse, “nothing seems suspicious”he added.

One of the first to break the news on her Twitter account was Bernice King, daughter of Martir Luther King, who was together with Malcolm X the great leader of the black movement in the sixties and that as he himself was assassinated.

Bernice wanted to remember today that Malika and her twin sister Malaak – both with Muslim names after the conversion to Islam his father’s– were still in their mother’s womb when Malcolm X, then 39, was assassinated just as he was about to intervene in a public event.

Malcolm X’s name made headlines last week when a New York court acquitted two men -one of them already dead- for the murder charges of the black leader in 1965, which led them to spend more than twenty years in jail, after the court found abundant flaws in the investigation and trial that led to their conviction.

Despite the enormous symbolism of his father in the fight against racial segregation, Malika has not been known to be active in these types of struggles, not even when they have resurfaced with force with the movement Black Lives Matter, which took thousands of people to the streets to protest, among other things, against the police brutality that is especially cruel to African Americans.


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