March 7, 2021

Malaga Festival: four other films released

Malaga Festival: four other films released

We started with the Mexican film "Las chicas bien" by Alejandra Marquez, who sent a "videosaludo" accompanied by a baby. It is known, and very difficult, to end both a novel and a film at the time. Here we have a good story set in the economic crisis of the 80s. Very well told until a moment when the protagonist cries because they are going to take everything away from him. It contains a logical ending, but the story continues a little more, until it reaches the most grotesque when both protagonists get to bark at President Lopez Portillo.

The second film is called "7 reasons to flee" by Esteve Soler, Gerard Quino and David Torras. The first thing to say is that it is a recommendable movie of episodes, short films among which the first one stands out, dedicated to parents who regret having had a grown child. Absolutely great. The rest of the chapters, among which there are good and worse, as a whole, deserve to be seen.

«La banda», by Roberto Bueso, is the third film. A tape of sad loves, it is even spoken of friends to whom the divorce arrived after two years of marriage. Well done and with that sadness so real, hidden by work. It's worth seeing.

The last of the four films is called "Els dies que vindran" ("The days to come"), by the acclaimed Carlos Marqués-Marcet. With all the appearance of a real pregnancy, with all the phases described in detail, although bored a little bit.


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