Maite Cazorla, Leo Rodríguez and Umi Diallo, runners-up

Foot of Umi Diallo (15), Leonor Rodríguez (4) and Maite Cazorla (5), with the Euroleague runner-up medals, yesterday in Istanbul.  |  |  LP / DLP

Foot of Umi Diallo (15), Leonor Rodríguez (4) and Maite Cazorla (5), with the Euroleague runner-up medals, yesterday in Istanbul. | | LP / DLP

A period runner-up for Canarian basketball. Perfumerías Avenida could not with Ekaterinburg and fell in the final of the Euroleague (68-78), despite playing at a high level, with brilliance especially by Hayes, but could not surprise to beat the powerful Russian female players. All with three Canary Islands in their ranks: Lanzarote’s Umi Diallo and Gran Canaria’s international Leonor Rodríguez (5 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists in 20 minutes) and Maite Cazorla (3 points in two minutes)

The Salamanca team, with the exception of the second quarter, played a great game, both inside and outside, but in front they had a team full of brilliant players, as if it were a world team.

Another galaxy

Avenida, which was playing its third European Four Final, shone, was a great competitor, stood out for its speed and the good work of Hayes, the best player of the match (and of this final phase), but in front was a Russian team , Ekateringurgo, which is in another galaxy, with the best players in the world and with an unattainable budget

The first ten minutes Perfumerías Avenida presented a great approach to the game, which drove the great pivot of the Russian team Griner out of the area, which allowed fast and effective attacks, from the hand of Hayes, who is showing a high level of play not only this season, but this Final Four.

The Salamanca team continued to do their thing and managed to endorse a difference of more than 12 points to the Russians, in which they dominated the attack and the defense, until Jones came out, which made his team begin to reduce the differences in the scoreboard. and that allowed to finish this time with only five points below.

Maite’s injury

The only negative point in this quarter was the injury to Maite Cazorla, who had to withdraw from the floor after hitting a great triple. The game of Perfumerías Avenida continued to be good, although it lacked the ease in the shot that it had in the first quarter, together with a great Griner and an excellent Jones, it led Ekaterinburg to lead on the scoreboard and continue in it until the break, to which he went with a 30-39.

And it is that Ekaterinburg was in this second quarter the fearsome team that it is, which led to endorse a 9-23 in these ten minutes, while the Salamanca team was more faulty against the opposite ring.

In the return after the break, Perfumerías Avenida changed defense, implanting a zone, which was choked on the Russian attack, despite the game of Griner or Stewart’s triples.

But the Salamanca girls, little by little, returned to their being, which has given them so many good results this season, with three triples from Hayes, Leo Rodríguez and Milic who reduced the difference to four points, although they remained at six points at the beginning of the season. last quarter (53-59).

The excitement remained because the Russian team could not find the way to distance themselves on the scoreboard from Salamanca. But the illusion was fading in the last five minutes, much to Hayes, who continued to do his thing.


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