Maite Cazorla also plays on consoles - La Provincia

A few years ago, the quintessential soccer simulator, FIFA, decided to include women's teams. Now it is the NBA 2K, its counterpart in the world of virtual basketball, which has aimed to make women's teams available to players. And there will be a grancanaria. Maite Cazorla, player of the WNBA Atlanta Dream franchise, has been one of the players chosen by the video game developer to be part of this project. The athlete made her virtual image public in the different profiles of her social networks. "Very proud to be the first Spanish in NBA2K20 with my Atlanta Dream team! What a desire to play!" She wrote. In addition to its physical image, this project of including women in the videogame has other parameters that are also present in the male part, such as the capture of personalized movements for players. Maite Cazorla is already virtual.


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