Main data of the UN report on sexist violence

Main data of the UN report on sexist violence

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Onudd) today published a report on feminicides on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, in which it reports that at least 50,000 women died at the hands of couples, ex-partners or relatives in 2017.

These are the main data of the document "Murder of gender of women and girls".

- At least 50,000 women were murdered in 2017 by their partners, ex-partners or relatives, mostly men, in what are considered femicides or homicides suffered due to the fact of being a woman. This figure represents an increase of 4.17% compared to 2012.

- According to the UN, 137 women died every day at the hands of their partners, ex-partners or relatives, almost six every hour.

- Those 50,000 cases account for 58% of all murders and homicides of women registered by the UN in the world in 2017, a fact that leads the United Nations to consider that the home is the most dangerous place for women.

- At least 30,000 women were killed by their male partners or ex-partners.

- The UN points out that the number of femicides, or murders of women for being so, can be higher than 50,000, since that figure does not include other types of sexist homicides that occur outside the home, such as those committed against prostitutes. , workmates or women in conflict zone.

- Although women are the victims in only 20 percent of all homicides committed in the world, that figure rises to 82 percent when it comes to murders committed within the couple.

- The rate of sexist killings worldwide is 1.3 per 100,000 women, if both the couple and their families are considered as an aggressor. The rate of murders committed by husbands or boyfriends, current or past, is 0.8.

- In absolute numbers, some 20,000 women were murdered by couples or relatives in Asia, 19,000 in Africa, 8,000 in America, 3,000 in Europe and 300 in Oceania.

- However, according to the murder rate in relation to the population, Africa is the most dangerous region for women, with 3.1 murders committed by couples or relatives per 100,000 women. They are followed by America (1.6), Oceania (1.3), Asia (0.9) and Europe (0.7).

- In relation to murders committed by husbands or boyfriends, current or past, the rates per 100,000 women are 1.7 for Africa, 1.2 in America, 0.9 in Oceania, 0.6 in Europe and 0, 5 in Asia.


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