Mahou San Miguel will invest nearly two million euros in its Canarian factory in 2022 to boost its competitiveness

The resources will be used to continue guaranteeing the highest quality, efficiency, reliability and respect for the environment of the plant

Friday, August 12, 2022, 3:38 p.m.

Mahou San Miguel, a 100% Spanish family-owned beverage company and leader in the national beer sector, plans to allocate nearly two million euros to its Canarian factory in 2022, with the aim of ensuring its future competitiveness and sustainability. Despite the complexity of the current economic environment in our country, marked by instability and tensions in the supply chain, the brewer continues to strengthen its investment in this plant, which it considers strategic. This figure is thus added to the 10 million dedicated in the last decade to this center, located in the municipality of Candelaria, in Tenerife, and in which more than 40 people work.

This year, the resources will be allocated, fundamentally, to the development of industrial projects to guarantee the quality, efficiency, reliability and productivity of the plant, highlighting, for example, the renovation of equipment in the bottle line and the cellar. Added to this are initiatives aimed at optimizing the environmental behavior of the facilities. The company thus continues to generate wealth through its activity and extending sustainability throughout its entire value chain.

"This factory has the vocation of being a responsible citizen and has been contributing to the economic and social progress of its surroundings for more than 15 years" -says Fernando Bustamante, General Manager of the Canary Islands Business Unit of Mahou San Miguel-. “That is why, year after year, we reinforce our investment to equip our facilities with the latest available technologies and make them more competitive, which allows us to continue generating employment and local wealth, with the least possible environmental impact” – he adds.

In the last decade, the Tenerife plant has registered a significant improvement in its environmental indicators, highlighting the 2.2% decrease in its CO 2 emissions. And it is that this production center, which has set itself the goal of being carbon neutral in 2030, has among its priorities to promote initiatives that increase its energy efficiency. In fact, 100% of the energy it consumes is already 100% green and of certified origin.

Generator of 4,500 indirect jobs on the islands

The contribution to the socioeconomic progress of the areas in which it operates is one of the key strategic axes of Mahou San Miguel's Sustainability strategy for the next decade, "Let's go 2030", aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In the last decade, the company has invested a total of 10 million euros in these facilities to ensure their future sustainability

Within its framework, the company contributed, thanks to its activity, 21 million euros to the Canarian economy in the last year and made purchases of goods and services worth 3.5 million euros from 91 local companies. According to the conclusions of the study "Socioeconomic impact of Mahou San Miguel in 2021", carried out by the brewery in collaboration with the Valora consultancy, the company has encouraged employment in the Canary Islands, generating more than 4,500 indirect jobs in this region.

In addition, with the aim of supporting local hoteliers, highly affected by the health emergency crisis caused by the coronavirus, it allocated 4 million euros in 2021 to aid for their recovery and future transformation. On the other hand, it promoted different initiatives dedicated to sport, leisure, gastronomy and culture in the Canary archipelago, among which the sponsorship of the Qué Bueno Canarias culinary awards and the Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida, or the collaboration with the Industrial Association of the Canary Islands (ASINCA) through its Mahou and Solán de Cabras brands.

About Mahou San Miguel

Family beverage company, 100% Spanish and leader in the beer sector in our country. It has 10 brewing centers –eight in Spain and two in the US–, four water springs and a team of nearly 4,000 professionals. It produces more than 70% of the Spanish beer that is consumed outside of Spain and is present in more than 70 countries.

In 2021, the brewery generated 21 million euros in the Canary Islands thanks to its activity and made purchases from 91 local companies worth 3.5 million euros

It has more than 130 years of history that began with the birth of Mahou in 1890. In 2000 Mahou acquired San Miguel, in 2004 the Canarian brand Reina, in 2007 Cervezas Alhambra and in 2011 it diversified its business by incorporating Solán de Cabras. As of 2019, she is a majority shareholder in North American craft brewers Founders Brewing and Avery Brewing.

It has a wide portfolio of national beers, including Mahou Cinco Estrellas, San Miguel Especial and Alhambra Reserva 1925, and international beers. It has innovative and category-creating products such as San Miguel 0.0, San Miguel ECO or Mahou Barrica; natural mineral water brands, such as the iconic Solán de Cabras, and has entered the cider segment with La Prohibida.

It has also been a pioneer in the sector in launching its e-commerce: Tienda Mahou San Miguel. With a focus on people and contributing to the economic and social progress of our country, it is a charitable company that channels its social action through the Mahou San Miguel Foundation, created in 2013.

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