Mahou San Miguel is committed to sustainability in its strategy | Additional features

At Mahou San Miguel they know that commitments are demonstrated with deeds and not with words. They are also convinced that the responsibility of companies in the face of the great problems of society requires concrete agreements that avoid advertising slogans devoid of content.

For these reasons they have decided to make their new sustainability strategy black on white. And they have done so with specific milestones and objectives, with a specific deadline and with ambitious financing adjusted to the purposes expressed therein.

The 100% Spanish beer company, leader in the sector in Spain and with a staff of 3,900 professionals, has just launched this new strategy under the slogan Let’s Go 2030. It is a ten-year plan with an investment of more than 220 million euros, with which it intends to reinforce its role as an agent of social transformation to improve the lives of people and the planet.

Its priority axes are the protection of the environment, social progress and well-being

The sustainability strategy is based on three basic axes that the company will prioritize in the next decade. They are support for greater social and economic progress; the protection of the natural habitat with the defense of natural resources and biodiversity; and promoting people’s well-being by promoting a healthier lifestyle.

The first point will be based on promoting hospitality and tourism, supporting its clients in their transformation to guarantee their future thanks to sustainability and digitization. Mahou San Miguel also undertakes to make 95% of its purchases from local suppliers and to accompany its value chain so that it incorporates sustainability criteria in its businesses.

All this by promoting stable, quality and inclusive employment. “Within the framework of our new strategy, we want to continue generating employment and continue to be one of the best valued companies to work for in our country, thanks to a strategy in which people and their well-being are always at the center of our decisions. We were clear that we had to reinforce, even more, our role in the economic and social development of our country and to do so, especially, through our support for the hospitality industry ”, points out Alberto Rodríguez-Toquero, general director of Mahou San Miguel.

Circularity, recyclable packaging and reducing the carbon footprint, keys

The second will promote the circularity of its business model, making responsible use of resources. It will do so, among others, with these milestones: reduce its water consumption and carbon footprint by two digits by 2030; promote that 100% of the barley used in its production processes comes from sustainable agriculture; make all its packaging 100% recyclable or reusable and in mobility, boost the efficiency and sustainability of 100% of its fleet.

And already in the third, Mahou San Miguel will promote a more social, healthy and sustainable lifestyle with different initiatives with which it plans to impact more than 35 million people. The incorporation of valuable information on ingredients, nutrition or sustainability in 100% of its references and the awareness of assuming lifestyle habits that respect nature are some of these initiatives.

Mahou San Miguel is committed to sustainability in its strategy

The company will also implement innovative happiness and wellness programs to promote the health of its team and consumers with healthy and inclusive products. “The well-being of our professionals, consumers and, in general, of all citizens remains the central element that is the backbone of this plan, ”concludes Rodríguez-Toquero.

Always next to the hospitality

Mahou San Miguel’s commitment to the hospitality sector is “historic”, as Rodríguez-Toquero defines it. So much so that, as the CEO recalls, “in 2020 it was strengthened to the point that the company decided to renounce its profit to help the reactivation of this sector, investing more than 200 million euros to achieve it.”

However, the company takes a further step forward in this pact with the sector. During this fiscal year, Mahou San Miguel will allocate more than 40 million euros to a new plan to promote the transformation of the hospitality industry. In this way, it will not only be focused on helping to alleviate the effect of the pandemic in bars and restaurants, with measures that contribute to the reactivation of this sector and personalized financial aid for customers and distributors, but on identifying opportunities and developing initiatives that guarantee their future in the medium and long term.


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