March 8, 2021

Maguire, the millionaire signing of Manchester United that can bring Pogba closer to Real Madrid de Zidane

The closure of the market in England is approaching and clubs accelerate their operations. The most dazzling of the summer in terms of defenses has just closed Manchester United that has broken the market tol pay 88 million euros for Harry Maguire, Leicester's international center that automatically becomes the most expensive defense in football history.

A very important disbursement that could force Old Trafford to make cash on the other hand to square their accounts. Also considering that you still need to sign a midfielder for a price close to 60 million, your treasury could be in need of an injection and This would cause a door to open at the exit of Pogba towards Real Madrid. United will spend more than 120 million these days and about 80 are willing to pay Real Madrid to take the French midfielder.

Zidane's dream is still Pogba and Real Madrid, Although Van de Beek is almost done, he will not stop insisting on hiring the world champion, although without going crazy about the money invested. At the moment United is very firm, but these strong disbursements it is making could have to do with its idea of ​​ending up releasing Pogba and recovering much of the investment.

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