Magnolia Bakery studies to settle in Spain after opening its first 'pop up store' in Madrid

Magnolia Bakery studies to settle in Spain after opening its first 'pop up store' in Madrid

The iconic New York bakery Magnolia Bakery, environment of some of the scenes of the series 'Sex in New York', does not rule out settling in Spain in the case of finding the right partner after disembarking in Europe with the opening of a 'pop up store' temporary in Madrid.

Magnolia Bakery opened its first bakery in 1996 in New York and, after the success of the series starring Sara Jessica Parker, expanded in the United States with stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston or Washington, in addition to having made the international leap with his landing in Mexico, Seoul, Dubai, Riyadh, Amman, Abu Dhabi, Manila and Doha.

"Since we started to expand with international franchises in 2010, we have been interested in opening stores in Europe and more specifically in Spain, always trying to find the right partner and the opportunity", assured the pastry director and part of the Magnolia Bakery's executive team, Bobby Lloyd, speaking to Europa Press.

In this way, Lloyd, who has been responsible for leading part of the expansion of the iconic brand, does not rule out settling in Spain as long as they find the right partners. "We are open to explore and find partners to open franchises in Spain, especially in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia," he said.

The 'cupcakes' of the mythical series until the 'cheesecake' of New York to its renowned banana pudding will be available from last Friday to April 14, by the hand of Seagram's Gin (Pernod Ricard), in the temporary store that is located in the Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid and which visually recreates the iconic New York Manhattan store.

"We are delighted to share some of our desserts in Europe for the first time with the Seagram's New York Hotel in Madrid, we hope that our fans can visit us and experience a bit of New York while we are here," Lloyd said.

The pastry director is confident that she will be able to recreate in the Seagram's New York Hotel of Madrid the same experience they offer in all its stores, offering freshly made desserts, crafting their iconic 'cupcakes' and serving their famous banana pudding.

In this way, a New York team of Magnolia Bakery has moved to the Spanish capital to reproduce as faithfully as possible the experience that is lived in its cafeterias at the Seagram's NY Hotel, which reopens its doors in Madrid with new contents.


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