November 26, 2020

Magna will assemble the new Toyota Supra at the Austrian plant in Graz

Magna will assemble the new Toyota Supra at the Austrian plant in Graz

The Canadian manufacturer Magna announced today that in the next weeks it will start producing the new Toyota Supra GR in the plant that has in the Austrian town of Graz.

This Monday, Toyota announced at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), which takes place in Detroit, the revival of the vehicle, one of the most iconic models of the Japanese group, and that stopped being produced 17 years ago.

The new Supra GR, fifth generation of the model, is the result of the collaboration between Toyota and the German manufacturer BMW. The Supra 2020 shares chassis, engine and electronics with the Z4 two-seater of the German brand that Magna produces, since mid-2018, in Graz.

Magna said that, in addition to mounting the Toyota Supra GR, the Canadian company will provide seats, stamping, door closures and the tailgate of the vehicle.

The president of Magna Europe and Magna Steyr, Günther Apfalter, said in a statement that "this Toyota contract is a testament to our manufacturing experience and our ability to execute the high quality standards that we expect when we produce their vehicles."

Magna Steyr, the Magna unit dedicated to the production of vehicles in Europe, has already produced more than 3.5 million vehicles for various customers.


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