Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Magistrada sees systematic acts against Aldana's candidacy in Guatemala

Magistrada sees systematic acts against Aldana's candidacy in Guatemala

The magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala Maria Eugenia Mijangos, who voted against denying the registration as candidate for the Presidency of the ex-prosecutor Thelma Aldana, assured that there are a series of systematic actions to prevent her participation.

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The same Aldana, who is out of the country and has a warrant against him, published on Tuesday in their social networks part of the reasoned vote of the magistrate of the Court and in those sheets you can read that Mijangos says that the Guatemalan population it is polarized above all by the fight against corruption and impunity.

And around this situation he analyzes the case of the inscription of the presidential binomial of the political organization Semilla Movement, which, in his opinion, "faces especially difficult circumstances due to legal actions against him that obey the aforementioned polarization".

In this reasoned vote, Mijangos also recalled that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal has "the duty" to know such facts, which do not require proof, and added that it is a "more than notorious" fact that the "systematic series of actions they have tried to prevent "the registration and political participation of Aldana.

This even when the director of the Registry of Citizens, Leopoldo Guerra, has been a victim of "pressure, threats and blackmail," recalled the judge, who described such events as a "reprisal" for the performance of Aldana during her tenure as head of the Public Ministry and that is aware that it can suffer itself by this vote.

The plenary session of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal decided on Monday to reject the inscription of the ex-prosecutor as candidate for the Presidency of the country by the Movimiento Semilla party when declaring the appeals filed against the inscription, although the former Attorney General can still appeal to the Court Supreme and then to the Constitutional Court, the highest court in the country.

Accompanying this reasoned vote, the ex-prosecutor posted a message in which she said that Mijangos "describes the legal aberrations with which the Supreme Electoral Tribunal denied our registration" and assured that "her arguments highlight the persecution against me, as the corrupt have violated the Constitution unprecedented. "

"It is a privilege to be persecuted by the corrupt, but it is a greater privilege to count on the Guatemalan people of good, the truth is ours and against that they will not be able to do anything, we are very close to seeing them fall, we will return to the streets but this time to celebrate a new Guatemala, "he said.

And in this same sense, he concluded with a message to those corrupt to those who warned that their privileges are about to disappear: "The institutions that have stolen us are still aligned." Follow the meetings of conspiracy among corrupt. and laugh, these are already their last faces, their last mockery against Guatemala. "

Aldana commanded as prosecutor, together with the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), an ironclad anti-corruption fight since 2015 in the three branches of the State, in which they dismantled more than a dozen cases involving senior officials and politicians, including the son and brother of the current president, Jimmy Morales.

Since her intentions to participate in politics became known, there have been many denunciations and accusations that have arisen against her, according to her, with the intention of weakening her and trying to prevent her from participating in order to put an end to the scourge of corruption.

On March 18, the first formal day of the election campaign, Aldana left for El Salvador with his vice presidential candidate, Jonathan Menkos, to fulfill a previously established work agenda, a trip that coincided with an arrest warrant against him. requested by the Office of Administrative Crimes Prosecution.

The Tenth Judge of Criminal First Instance, Víctor Manuel Cruz, ordered the capture of Aldana for the crimes of "embezzlement for continued abduction, ideological falsehood and special cases of tax fraud", for a case that is under reserve.

Guatemala will hold the general elections on June 16, elections that will serve to elect president, vice president, 160 deputies to Congress, 20 to the Central American Parliament and 340 municipal corporations for the period 2020-2024.


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