Maduro will replace damaged appliances through the "country card"

Maduro will replace damaged appliances through the "country card"

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced on Thursday that it will grant facilities to citizens who register in the system of the government card "carnet de la patria" so they can replace the appliances that were damaged due to the frequent blackouts in March .

"I made a call so that the people who lost their appliances, well, go to the Homeland System, the identity card of the homeland (…) that will be the instrument to serve all those Venezuelans victims of the terrorist attack who have lost a TV, they have lost something, "he said on a mandatory radio and television broadcast.

He assured that the appliances will be sold through "comfortable quotas" and asked the office of the Presidency to start the sale from tomorrow in all the states of the country.

According to him, 137,230 people have registered in the card system, of which only 20% reported that they were damaged by an appliance caused by the blackouts that the Government attributes to "terrorist attacks" by the United States and the local opposition.

"Here is a revolutionary government that through the identity card of the homeland and the Homeland System, by registering there, will send you your washing machine so that we can heal the wounds left by the brutal electric war of imperialism and the Government of Donald Trump. against the people of Venezuela, "he said.

On March 7, a series of blackouts that completely paralyzed the country for more than 10 days began in Venezuela, affecting commerce, water supply, communications and transportation.

Maduro's government indicated that the blackouts were the product of "cyber attacks" and "terrorist acts" against the country's main hydroelectric power plant, the Guri, and after beginning to recover electric power, on Sunday it ordered a 30-day rationing that did not Details are known.

In that sense, the president ordered today the ministries of Electric Power, Education, Transport, Health and Water to create WhatsApp groups in the communities of the country to inform the population about the rationing applied by the Government and before the " manipulation "that, he said, there is with this" imperialist attack ".

The region most affected by these power failures has been the western part of the country, where Zulia is located, a state that has been experiencing frequent blackouts for months and has been without electricity for more than a week.


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