Maduro says the White House gave "the task" to the Colombian government to kill him

Maduro says the White House gave "the task" to the Colombian government to kill him

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said today that "from the White House" "the task" was given to the government of the Colombian leader, Ivan Duque, to assassinate him, at the same time he asked the workers of his country to "take their claws" if he were to suffer an attack

"They have given the order from the White House to kill Maduro (…), and they have given the task to the Bogota oligarchy, the government of Bogotá has been given the task of killing Maduro, I denounce it worldwide," he said. The Venezuelan president during an act with supporters broadcast on mandatory radio and television.

"Not one hair is going to touch me because God and the people of Venezuela protect me," he added, without showing evidence of his complaint.

Maduro escaped unharmed at the beginning of August to an attack with explosives while presiding over an act with soldiers in the center of Caracas, for which he then accused the opposition, the Bogota oligarchy and his country as well as the former Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos .

And in September he remained in doubt until the last moment of his participation in the annual debate of the UN General Assembly because, he said, he was "in the crosshairs" of assassins, although he finally traveled to New York.

Since 2013 Maduro has warned about about twenty plans to kill him, which generally include the participation of leaders of the United States, Colombia and the Venezuelan opposition.

Today, despite his complaint against Duque, Maduro invited his counterpart to talk about a "subsidy policy" of gasoline to the Colombian population of the extensive border that both countries share, and where the Venezuelan government has indicated they escape in contraband million liters of fuel every year.

"I have proposed to the Government of Colombia, the current government, to appoint a delegate, a representative to speak on these issues based on a subsidy policy (petrol), I am ready," he said, adding that he is "waiting response "to this request.


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