Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Maduro says that the electrical system was also "attacked" from Chile and Colombia

Maduro says that the electrical system was also "attacked" from Chile and Colombia

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, said on Saturday that his country's electricity system has also been "attacked" from Chile and Colombia, with the support of the United States Government, which he accuses of having caused the blackouts in March.

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"We have discovered new sources of attack, from Chile, Colombia (have) carried out cyber attacks supported by the United States Government to damage the Venezuelan electrical system," he said from the presidential palace of Miraflores where he received the thousands of supporters who marched to support it.

He indicated that the investigations carried out by the authorities have shown that from these countries "viruses" were introduced into the electrical system.

However, he assured that he has already taken measures to protect the system, which he reiterated today, was attacked in March in a cybernetic and electromagnetic way by the United States in order to "overthrow" him.

"They have resorted to cyber terrorism, they have resorted to electromagnetic terrorism with the transmission routes," the president insisted when reiterating that the "attack" was against the country's main hydroelectric power plant, the Guri.

In this regard, he called on Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia to "demand" the cessation of US "aggressions". against Venezuela.

"Enough of Donald Trump's aggressions against the people of Venezuela!" He asked.

On March 7 began in Venezuela a sequence of blackouts that paralyzed the country for at least 11 days.

On Sunday, when the authorities began to recover electricity, Maduro announced the start of an electricity rationing for 30 days, but it was only yesterday that the details of it were known.

Electricity rationing, in which according to the Government at least 20 states will be without power for four hours a day, was excluded Caracas, Vargas (center), Amazonas (south) and Delta Amacuro (east).

In addition, the Government announced that it will modernize the electrical system due to the fact that there was "serious" damage.

The "attacks" denounced by the government are rejected by the opposition, which claims that the blackouts occurred due to the lack of maintenance of the power plants and the corruption of the State.


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