Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Maduro says that Chavismo prepares to win the 2020 parliamentarians

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said Saturday that the official United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) began preparing to obtain "the greatest electoral victory" in the elections for the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), scheduled for 2020 and still no date set.

"I start here this campaign that should take us from October 12 to the day of the parliamentary elections to the biggest electoral victory we have ever won in the Bolivarian revolution," Maduro said during a PSUV activity in Nueva Esparta (northeast), which was broadcast on the VTV state channel.

In his opinion, since the opposition victory in the parliamentarians of 2015, "everything was for the worse", so he urged his followers to prepare to "rescue the AN with the people's vote".

After the opposition was made with the parliamentary majority in December 2015, the Supreme Court declared the Chamber "in contempt" and since then the rest of the powers ignore the decisions taken by the Legislative.

Maduro demanded that PSUV militants take into account the "preparation, organization, accumulation of forces for deployment", since he said he does not want to "show or comiquita" when the National Electoral Council determines the date of the parliamentarians.

"In the elections we won the Chavistas," he said.

On the date of October 12, the Chavista leader said that 527 years of the arrival of "the colonialist boot of the Spanish Empire" and the beginning of the "most criminal genocide process ever known, (…) 100 million indigenous people were exterminated in that process. "

"In Venezuela we do not celebrate the 527 years of colonialism and the massacre, no, in Venezuela that date was no longer celebrated. In Venezuela the 527 of the strongest resistance known to any people have been commemorated," he said.

Maduro said that Diosdado Cabello arrived early this Saturday on an official visit to China, in his capacity as president of the official National Constituent Assembly and at the head of "a delegation of the highest level", although he did not reveal the agenda that his representatives will hold In the Asian country.

In recent weeks, Cabello has made visits to several partner countries of the Maduro Administration in the Asian continent such as North Korea and Vietnam.

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