May 17, 2021

Maduro says he maintained "extraordinary conversation" with López Obrador in Mexico

Maduro says he maintained "extraordinary conversation" with López Obrador in Mexico

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said today that he had an "extraordinary conversation" with his partner Andrés Manuel López Obrador, last Saturday, when he attended the inauguration of the latter in the Mexican capital, where he claimed to have found support and "love" of the people of that country.

"We had an extraordinary conversation," Maduro said, without offering more details, about his meeting with López Obrador at the National Palace of Mexico.

At the gates of this compound a group of people booed the Venezuelan president on Saturday while raising banners with messages accusing him of "murderer" and "traitor".

However, another group greeted him while displaying a sign with the text "the town of Villa y Zapata welcomes you".

Maduro arrived at the headquarters of the Mexican Executive accompanied by his wife, Cilia Flores, and both, before entering, greeted those who welcomed them.

In that sense, the Caribbean leader said today that there was a "brutal campaign" in "all the media on the right" not to attend the inauguration of López Obrador, but in the streets of Mexico City he found support.

"They invited me for an event with all the union movements, a big act, (but) I could not (go), I had to return to Venezuela," he said.

Maduro's presence in Mexico caused great disagreement in that country, especially among leaders and sympathizers of the right-wing parties.

The tension that triggered his invitation could be seen in the Congress, when several deputies displayed a banner that read "Maduro, you are not welcome" and chanted the word "dictator" when the Mexican president mentioned it in his first speech.

Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves on the planet, is going through a severe economic and political crisis, which the opposition and part of the international community blame on Maduro's policies.

In addition, they point out their supposed authoritarian drift and their responsibility in the humanitarian crisis that Venezuela suffers under its Government.


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