June 2, 2020

Maduro says he looked for the opposition minority because Guaido did not comply with the agreements

The Venezuelan ruler, Nicolás Maduro, said Tuesday that he sought a dialogue table with the opposition minority, because the sectors headed by the leader of the Parliament, Juan Guaidó, did not comply "with anything they promised" in the talks in Barbados .

"We, on the other hand, were making progress in the dialogue with other sectors, because the sector called Guaidó simply did not comply with anything they committed," Maduro said in an act of government transmitted through the State channel.

According to Maduro, the opposition representatives who participated in Barbados, under the mediation of Norway, "promised to speak with the United States Government to lift the sanctions against Venezuela" and did not comply.

Maduro lamented that, on the contrary, the United States ended up fixing "brutal" sanctions in August by freezing Venezuela's state assets on US soil.

This Monday, the Maduro Government and a group of minority parties of the Venezuelan opposition presented a national dialogue table that contemplates the return of Chavism to the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), the renewal of electoral authorities and the release of "prisoners politicians".

The Chavez leader applauded on Tuesday the partial agreements he signed with the opposition minority for "overcoming and solving our problems."

He pointed out that one of the first measures will be the return of the official parliamentarians to "the National Assembly in contempt to seek an instance of dialogue and overcoming contempt."

He also said that the Truth Commission for Justice and Peace and the official National Constituent Assembly will seek "justice measures for the release of some detainees according to the country's legal system."

Just this Tuesday, the first vice president of the AN, Édgar Zambrano, was released after the Truth Commission so requested the Judiciary.

Again, Maduro said that he has left "the doors open to all political, economic, cultural and social sectors of the country for dialogue" and said that he communicated to Norway his willingness to "retake the points of the dialogue that we had with them and part of the opposition. "

Venezuela is going through a peak of political tension since last January, when Maduro swore another 6-year period that does not recognize the opposition and part of the international community because the main opposition leaders were prevented from participating in those elections.

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