Maduro reiterates that his new term will have constitutional legitimacy

Maduro reiterates that his new term will have constitutional legitimacy

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro reiterated in an interview released today that his new six-year term, scheduled to begin on January 10, will have constitutional legitimacy, despite the fact that opposition and part of the international community do not recognize the results of the elections in which he was reelected.

"There is no possibility that any Government say any word from abroad to know, recognize or ignore what is the constitutional and democratic legitimacy of the Government that I will preside from January 10," said the president in a televised interview by the public channel VTV.

He indicated that he has the support of the people, of the military and of the other living forces of the country in view of his new term, but insisted that the "most important" support he has is the "constitutional legitimacy" of the mandate he will assume in nine days.

Maduro was re-elected with a wide margin in the elections last May, in which the majority of the opposition did not participate because they considered then that there were no guarantees and because their main leaders were disqualified.

Maduro defended those elections by assuring in the interview disclosed today that they were clean for having "international observation", while pointing out that he must "comply with the decision of the people."

"In Venezuela decisions are not made by foreign governments, Venezuela is not a country that is intervened," he added.

When the results were known, the candidate Henri Falcón, a former Chavist leader who is now a politician in the opposition camp, ignored and challenged them, but the Supreme Court dismissed his complaints.

The opposition also ignored the results and said that if Maduro swears a new period on January 10, his government will be "de facto" and illegitimate.

As spokespersons of some countries in the region and the United States have advanced that they will study how to deal with Venezuela, since they believe that would happen to have a Government without legitimacy.

But the Administration of Maduro already responded to these last indications at the end of 2018, when it asked the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in the country to respect the Government or to leave.


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