Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Maduro moves a chip in the middle of the "serious situation" because of the blackouts in Venezuela

Maduro moves a chip in the middle of the "serious situation" because of the blackouts in Venezuela

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, changed on Monday the leadership of the electricity sector to address the "serious situation" of the blackouts that the country dragged for weeks while the Supreme Court declared in contempt of the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, and asked to leave it without immunity.

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Maduro spoke for the second night in a row on radio and television to make announcements related to the electricity crisis and this time reported the replacement of General Luis Motta Domínguez as head of the portfolio and president of the state-owned Corporación Eléctrica (Corpoelec) after four years in those charges.

"I want to thank my colleague (...) Motta Domínguez, who has had four years of incessant war at the head of the electricity ministry and Corpoelec, I asked him to rest for a while, I asked him to prepare for other responsibilities in the field of the revolution, "he announced.

The Chavista leader appointed Igor Gavidia as the new minister and head of the state government, an electrical engineer with 25 years of experience in the industry, he said.

This is the non-military prime minister that Maduro appoints as head of this ministry in which before Motta was the ex-military Jesse Chacón.

Gavidia assumes command of electricity in Venezuela a day after the government launched a 30-day plan for fluid rationing and "for the new stage we have to open to defeat the electric war," Maduro said.

He also created an Executive Secretariat of the Electric General Staff that will be in charge of the Minister of Interior and Justice, Néstor Reverol.

This body "must operate 24 hours a day, in coordination, review and permanent action" he explained.

The president reiterated the "serious situation" that Venezuela is going through due to the alleged sabotage against the electricity system that the Government attributes to the opposition and to the US Administration of Donald Trump.

Maduro has said that the "terrorist attacks" perpetrated according to the official version since March 7, when the blackouts began to become more frequent, seek the "total destruction" of the system.

In the midst of the energy crisis, Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by more than fifty countries, said today he has a plan to resolve the electricity crisis and accused the government of applying "state terrorism" in the protests over water. and light that have emerged in the last hours.

The head of Parliament was also declared in contempt by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) that ratified precautionary measures against him and asked the Constituent Assembly, composed only of pro-government, to proceed with the lifting of the opponent's parliamentary immunity.

The court agreed to impose a fine of 200 tax units, about $ 3, and ordered to inform the Prosecutor's Office "for the purpose of continuing the procedure for the prosecution of high-level official," the president of the TSJ, Maikel Moreno, told reporters.

The decision prohibits Guaidó from leaving the country without authorization until the investigation in which he is incurred culminates, alienating and encumbering assets of his property, as well as the order to block and immobilize his bank accounts.

The Attorney General, Tarek Saab, carries out an investigation against the opposition after he was sworn in as the country's interim president on January 23, when he invoked the Constitution to assume the Presidency, considering that there is a usurpation of the office by Nicolás Maduro.

Guaidó dismissed the ruling of the Supreme Court stating that the intention to leave him without jurisdiction is worthless.

"This is persecution, dictatorship (...) have no doubt that they want to see me imprisoned, of course they want to do it (...) but there is no concern with that," he said in western Caracas where for the second consecutive day unidentified people activated a tear gas bomb.


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