Maduro laments "deeply" the death of former Argentine chancellor Timerman

Maduro laments "deeply" the death of former Argentine chancellor Timerman

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said today that he "deeply" regrets the death of Héctor Timerman, who was Argentina's foreign minister between 2010 and 2015 during Cristina Fernández's term.

"I deeply regret the physical departure of Hector Timerman, as chancellor I had the honor of knowing his human nature and deep determination for the defense of the just causes of the great homeland," the Venezuelan president said in a message posted on his Twitter account.

"All my solidarity to your family and friends in this difficult moment," added Maduro.

Timerman died this Sunday as a result of liver cancer he suffered for several years, according to his brother, Javier Timerman, on Twitter this morning.

In addition to Argentina's head of diplomacy, Hector Timerman was ambassador to the United States between 2008 and 2010, and most of his career was spent as a journalist.

Last July, he declared for a violent conference for the cause that investigates the alleged cover-up of the terrorist attack suffered by the Jewish AMIA mutual in 1994 in Buenos Aires, which left 85 dead and of whom no one is still responsible.

In that intervention, Timerman pleaded not guilty at the time that he denounced the slowness of the trial, which he attributed to supposed interests of countries such as the United States and Israel.

Due to his delicate state of health, Timerman had been in custody since the beginning of December of last year when he was tried for this cause, and later received an extraordinary release for "humanitarian reasons", to travel to the United States and receive treatment against him. Cancer.

Today, Cristina Fernández said that Timerman "got sick from the pain and suffering" caused by the attack of the Jewish community by signing a memorandum of understanding with Iran, a country that allegedly was behind the attack against AMIA, and that the judicial process that faced him finished of "demolish".


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