Maduro insists on creating school gardens for "a new productive culture"

Maduro insists on creating school gardens for "a new productive culture"

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, insisted today on the creation of school gardens to build "a new productive culture", an idea that he has been promoting since the beginning of the year, when he announced it as part of his plans to improve the economy.

"The plan conuco (orchards) we have called (…) I have wanted to rescue this concept in the field of extensive agriculture for a long time, without a doubt it is a concept that can be taken to all agriculture in all its scales. In this case we are taking it to the field of education, "he said.

In a telephone contact during a workshop on the challenges of "technical education" that the Ministry of Education carries out, Maduro indicated that he believes in the "transforming force of productive education".

"I think that achieves much more than a thousand speeches, learn with hands, how to sow, how it is maintained, how it is harvested and can do so in a multiple, diversified, broad," he added while criticizing that there are people trying to "decrease" this idea.

At the beginning of the year Maduro asked the teachers of the country to promote the creation of gardens in schools and high schools to overcome dependence on oil revenues, the main source of funding for the Government.

At that time, he considered that through this idea, the Caribbean nation can move towards "a new economy that is productive, product of labor, diversified (…) and overcomes the dependent oil parasitic economy".

Chavez, which governs Venezuela since 1999, created the Ministry of Urban Agriculture to promote initiatives such as gardens in residential areas, in an attempt to address the shortage of food that the country suffers for years.


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