Maduro asks Trump to open borders and receive Central American immigrants

Maduro asks Trump to open borders and receive Central American immigrants

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, today asked his US counterpart, Donald Trump, to open the borders of his country to receive the hundreds of Central American immigrants who crossed this region this week to look for a better future in the north of the continent.

"I see with pain what is happening in Central America, thousands say that there are already more than eight thousand Central American men and women who have started a great march towards the United States, bringing their pain, their misery, their poverty, their need", Maduro said at a political rally in Caracas.

In a speech transmitted on a mandatory basis by all radio and television stations, the Venezuelan president said that the "neocolonial dependent capitalism" is responsible for this migration crisis.

"The dependence of the Central American governors of the gringo imperial power, they are the responsible ones that have plunged Central America into misery, backwardness, necessity, despotism during centuries of dictatorship, military interventions, corrupt governments, bandits", he continued.

Since last Saturday, thousands of Hondurans are marching through Central America to the United States, where they hope to find jobs and escape the violence they experience in their places of origin.

Maduro today sent "all the solidarity and love of the Bolivarian people of Venezuela, the whole company" to these dealers and asked Trump to receive them in the US.

"I call on President Donald Trump to open the borders of the United States and respect Central American migrants (…) open the doors and instead of spending billions on missiles, on bombs for the war, invest that money in giving Christian solidarity, in giving support to the Central American peoples, "he said.

Since a week ago, some 5,400 migrants, most of them Hondurans, entered Guatemala and about 2,000 of them returned to Honduras and close to another 3,000 continue to cling to the desire to reach the United States.


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