March 4, 2021

Maduro asks to prepare for "a battle" if Trump blocks Venezuela

The ruler of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, asked Venezuelans to prepare for "a battle" if US President Donald Trump carries out his "illegal and criminal threat" of imposing "a blockade or quarantine" on the country South American

In an act of government broadcast on a mandatory radio and television network, Maduro urged Venezuelans to prepare for "a battle if they want a quarantine against Venezuela, prepare everyone, but nobody is blocked by Venezuela."

The ruler said that the country "in civic-military union, repudiates and rejects the declarations of Donald Trump of an alleged blockade", while calling to be alert to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the "people of Venezuela."

Maduro made these claims despite the fact that since 2017, when the Trump Administration began imposing personal sanctions on civil and military officials of the ruling party, he has regularly denounced the existence of an alleged blockade.

Maduro also said that on Friday the Venezuelan ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, presented to the Security Council "the illegal and criminal threat of Donald Trump of a naval blockade and a quarantine against Venezuela."

On Thursday, Trump admitted that he considers imposing a "blockade or a quarantine" on Venezuela, amid the tension that his administration has with the Maduro government.

Asked by journalists at the White House if "he is considering a blockade or quarantine in Venezuela," Trump responded with a "yes, I am," without going into details.

The Venezuelan ruler warned "criminal imperialism" that "they will not be able to with Venezuela" and that the seas of their country "will be free, sovereign and independent."

In Maduro's view, Trump's "threat" demonstrates "the desperation" and "irritation" of the Trump Administration, and are a demonstration that Venezuela "is on the right path of dignity."

Tension between the United States and Venezuela has intensified in recent weeks.

On Thursday, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) denounced a new United States air raid in the space of Venezuela and accused the country of wanting to create an "incident" with these practices.

The Trump administration has tightened its strategy before the Maduro government, which broke off diplomatic relations with Washington on January 23 after the White House recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó, head of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), as president Venezuelan interim.

Guaidó then attributed the powers of the Executive invoking the Venezuelan Constitution.

Since then, Washington, which considers the Maduro Government illegitimate, has announced a series of sanctions against officials, family members and relatives of the Venezuelan president, who have also reached state-owned companies in Cuba.

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