August 3, 2020

Maduixa Teatre offers at the Cuys four school functions and a family member of its award-winning show Muler – La Provincia

This week comes to Cuyás Theater the show 'Mulïer'with which, in 2017, the Maduixa Teatre company he won the Max Award for Best Street Show (the first in history to be awarded in this category) and the Best Musical Composition.

Performed on stilts by five dancers (Laia Sorribes, Lara Llávata, Melissa Usina, Esther Latorre and Ana Lola Cosin), it is a dance performance designed for over eight years and that combines visual poetry and emotion.

With him, the company run by Joan Santacreu it also seeks to investigate the physical limits with dance and balance, movement and poetry, strength and emotions.

"Women are our starting point. show born from the need to explore female identity through body play, emphasizing the image, visual poetics and narration to reach the sensibility of the viewer, "explained from Maduixa.

To its judgment, every woman is home to a wild and free being, an instinctive nature that different civilizations have tried to domesticate throughout history. "Their natural cycles have been forced to adapt to artificial rhythms to please others, turning off their creative, instinctive and visionary innate gifts," they add.

Because, 'Mulïer'is a tribute to all the women who during centuries of oppression have fought and are still fighting to keep their wild self alive, and who demand their right to dance and run freely through streets and squares.

In addition to the two Max has won awards such as the Moritz Award for Best Show in the fair of Tárrega, the Umore Azoka or the Dona'm Scene and participated in numerous festivals.

After four school functions sponsored on Thursday and Friday by the Mapfre Foundation Guanarteme, families will be able to enjoy 'Mulïer' at the Cuyás Theater on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale at and at the box office of the venue, on Viera and Clavijo street in the capital of Gran Canaria.


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