Madrilenian health workers must notify those who are sick or suspected of COVID who refuse to isolate themselves

The Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid has sent a message to Primary Care professionals to report patients with COVID-19 who refuse to keep quarantine or close contacts who refuse to undergo a PCR analysis or save the mandatory isolation. The objective, according to an e-mail message to which has had access, confirmed by sources from the Ministry, is for the General Directorate of Public Health to "initiate the procedure for mandatory isolation or collaboration required for the close contacts, according to the Law of Special Measures in Public Health Matters ".

Specifically, it is requested that the name of the Primary Care professional be indicated; health Center; the patient's name, address and telephone number; and the reason for which the communication is sent (COVID-19 cases that do not perform isolation; confirmed contacts that do not perform the mandatory quarantine even if the PCR is negative or close contacts of confirmed cases that refuse to perform this diagnostic test).

"As you well know at this time, it is very important to cut the chain of transmission of COVID-19 early detection of cases and the identification and follow-up of contacts," the communication was headed. The truth is that Primary School professionals are often carrying out the work of contact trackers of those infected by COVID. Three months later and in the midst of the rebound of the pandemic, the regional government continues to design the team of trackers on the fly, professionals who are essential to contain the spread of the virus. The strategy of looking for external personnel (Quirón Prevention SL has been hired) coincides with the rebound in COVID detected in Madrid during the last month. Between mid-July and August, the weekly rate of positive cases has multiplied by 19, going from 285 new infections detected in the week of July 15 to 5,395 in the last seven days, according to data published by the Ministry of Health.


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