July 25, 2021

Madrid's plan is to gain time | sports

Madrid's plan is to gain time | sports

Mike Tyson said that we all have a plan until they hit us in the mouth. Florentino Perez and his collaborators conceived in August a plan of attack to the season that no longer makes sense to leave the swamp of November. So now they are given to another winding exercise of calculation, projection and – how not – planning. The new currency, the most repeated slogan, is to buy time, secure at least the fourth place in the League, and concentrate all the energy in the Champions League.

According to sources of the directive, there is no more realistic goal in the short and medium term than to take priority from the League and prepare the ground to compete well in the second round of the European Cup. Leaders, inclined to pessimistic analysis when it comes to making internal balances, take for granted the classification between the first two of the depleted Group G. No matter how deep the current crisis, nobody in the presidential environment comes to mind to be eliminated by CSKA or Viktoria Pilsen, today's host (21.00, Movistar Liga de Campoenes) in this small town in Central Europe that is not the center of the football world but a benchmark for the beer industry.

Obliged to achieve three points, Santiago Solari admitted that he is so pressured that his mind does not allow him to think anything other than in the match against Pilsen. "I only see one link at a time," he said.

The success of Solari, the interim coach, to say the directive, is to go conquering time to lengthen its provisionality and give their heads margin to plan more carefully the exit less improvised that comes to mind.

The Pilsen seems a victim propitious to these dalliances. According to the website Transfermarkt – FIFA agents do not travel without consulting it – this team has not spent even one euro on signings this season. That is to say: it goes with the just thing.

If Madrid wins, it will link the third consecutive victory of Solari, who avoided talking about Bale's badge by invoking the complex nature of the game. "The solutions and problems of football are not individual, they are integral. Step by Step".

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