Madrid will give aid of up to 3,200 euros to self-employed people affected by coronavirus

The Community of Madrid will give direct aid of up to 3,200 euros to the self-employed without employees in their charge that prove a decrease in their economic activity derived from the state of alarm by the coronavirus, as long as they commit to continue registering as self-employed during the next twelve months.

The measure, which will initially have a budget of five million euros, will be approved next Wednesday in the Governing Council and was announced this Monday by the Minister of Economy, Employment and Competitiveness, Manuel Giménez, in an interview with Telemadrid.

Giménez has indicated that the purpose of the measure is "that the self-employed have direct access to these funds", which will be sent to them by transfer and in a single payment, and thus be able to "gain momentum".

"It is a program for freelancers, there will be programs for freelancers with employees, but now it is about helping those who have no other help," he said.

The applications to receive the aid, which may be used "for what they see as most necessary and most urgent", will be made on the website of the Community of Madrid, where documentation must be provided that proves that the coronavirus has negatively affected economic activity. From applicant.

Giménez added that the initial allocation of five million euros may be "expandable" in the future.


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