Madrid will declare Vicente Aleixandre’s house a Property of Patrimonial Interest

A room in Vicente Aleixandre's house.

A room in Vicente Aleixandre’s house.

The Community of Madrid, In accordance with the proposal of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, it has decided to start preparation of the declaration file of the house of Vicente Aleixandre as Asset of Patrimonial Interest (BIP), as reported by the Madrid regional government in a statement.

This level of protection, which is the second in importance provided by Law 3/2013 on Historical Heritage of the Community of Madrid, is reserved for the cultural property that have a special historical or artistic significance.

In this case, the special significance resides in the consideration of the property as a place that was witness of the life and work of the poet and where very important meetings were held for literature in the Spanish language.

The initial idea was to declare the property, located at Calle Velintonia, 3, as a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC), which is the highest level of protection in terms of historical heritage, an express request of the former head of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes.

In response to this request, the Madrid regional government requested last February from the Ministry a technical study in which it was established that Aleixandre’s home met the requirements established by the regulations to be declared BIC, which finally has not been able to prove, among other reasons, due to the lack of movable and documentary content of the house.

Characteristics of the poet’s property

Although this study carried out by the General Directorate of Fine Arts did not justify that the property could be declared BIC, it can be recognized by this second level of protection which is that of Asset of Patrimonial Interest, a figure that, according to the Ministry, is “the one that best adjusts” to the characteristics of the poet’s house.

A change that the Friends of Vicente Aleixandre Association has not liked, which considers in a statement that “it is a very serious mistake “to lower the level of protection of Velintonia because it supposes “diminishing its historical and patrimonial value and endangering its future as Casa de la Poesía”, which its members have been defending for twenty-six years.

The current head of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, Yesterday she sent a letter to the Minister of Culture of the Community of Madrid, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, in which she requested that they begin the procedures as soon as possible to protect a home that “is part of the intellectual, cultural and literary history of this city. and of this country and that is in a situation of abandonment “.

“This situation has lasted for too long and, before the property becomes irrecoverable (…), I consider that it is necessary to adopt urgent, coordinated measures within the framework of the respective competences of each Public administration, in favor of legal protection and protection of the Vicente Aleixandre’s house “, collect the letter to which Efe has had access.

Iceta also sent the Madrid councilor the result of a report from the Directorate General of Fine Arts of the Ministry of Culture that points to the “special historical significance” of the house, an “essential place of memory for the story of the Spanish culture of the twentieth century “.

And which hosted meetings of great protagonists of Spanish literature such as Gerardo Diego, Leopoldo Panero, Rafael Alberti, Federico García Lorca, Miguel Hernández or Manuel Altolaguirre.

For all these reasons, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports has decided to undertake the work of preparation of the declaration procedure for the house of Vicente Aleixandre as Asset of Patrimonial Interest, whose initiation is expected by the end of the year.

With this action, the Community of Madrid will grant adequate protection to the property and hopes that it can continue to advance together with the rest of the public administrations involved (State and City Council) in a satisfactory solution for all the needs of the poet’s house.


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