April 16, 2021

Madrid will become the Ibero-American capital of sustainability next May



The Alianza por Iberoamérica Business Council (Ceapi) will celebrate, next May 17 and 18 in Madrid, the fourth edition of its biennial Congress under the title Transformation and social impact: the best companies for the planet. This year’s great event will bring together presidents of leading companies and business families from Iberoamerica, which will discuss the social role of the company as a participant in the new welfare state. Entrepreneurs are agents of positive change and an essential piece in the economic reconstruction after the covid-19 health crisis. It will be two days to exchange ideas and proposals, and to advance a new roadmap that will be marked by sustainability.

Building CaixaForum Madrid will host this mixed-format event, which will be attended in person by a limited number of business leaders, and with the virtual participation of many of the most influential businessmen in their sectors, involved in the changes that the region is experiencing, and committed to that this transformation has a positive social impact.

The president of Ceapi, Núria Vilanova, affirms that “Congress aspires to promote a new model of relationship between companies and institutions, between public and private initiative, which accelerates the transition towards a welfare economy based on sustainability.” The event aims to be a space for dialogue and meeting in which to share inspiring experiences. “The objective is to advance in the construction of a great community based on alliances, and to promote a collaboration that promotes social transformation and that enhances the figure of entrepreneurs as agents of positive change,” explains Vilanova.

In it Congress The financing needs and the new demands of financial institutions and investment funds will also be analyzed, which involve a firm commitment by companies to sustainability and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals. The financing will go to projects that are ‘green’, as Larry Fink, CEO of the investment fund, recently recalled BlackRock, in various letters to CEOs around the world.

Another issue that will be addressed in the panels of the IV Congress Ceapi it will be how to achieve that broad public-private consensus that citizens demand. Solutions to the COVID-19 crisis need effective alliances, and business leaders have much to contribute in this rebuilding of ties with agencies and public administrations that allow us to advance in the new post-covid era.

The Congress is based on plenary lectures and parallel working sessions. The panels will discuss the major issues that will shape the future of companies in the coming years. Among other issues, the creation of value for people will be analyzed, who are more than ever in the focus of companies; the new challenges in the health sector; the renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure; responsible mining, the future of tourism, the challenges of entrepreneurship, progress in gender equality, race and diversity policies, and new consumer trends.

Presence of business leaders from all over Ibero-America

Some of the speakers who have already confirmed their attendance at IV Ceapi Congress are the Mexican businessman Valentín Díez Morodo, president of international honor of Ceapi; Alejandro Bulgheroni, President of Pan American Energy; Brian Smith, President of The Coca-Cola Company; Juan Carlos Mora Uribe, president of Bancolombia; Eduardo Hochschild, CEO of Hochschild Mining Peru; Stanley motta, president of Motta Internacional; Daniel Servitje; Chairman of the Board and CEO of Bimbo group; Bernardo Vargas, president of ISA; Gina Díez Barroso, president and CEO of Diarq Group; Antonio Amorim, president of the Amorim Group, and Joseph Oughourlian, founder of Amber Capital.

Also participating will be Antonio Huertas, president of Mapfre (Spain); Sergio Rodríguez, president of Pfizer Spain; Leandro Sigman, CEO of Insud Pharma; Carlos Buesa, CEO of Oryzon; Sabina Fluxá, president of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts; Javier Sánchez-Prieto, president of Iberia; Juan Manuel Serrano, president of Post; Enrique Goñi, deputy to the president of Criteria Caixa; Beatriz Corredor, president of Red Eléctrica de España; Manuel Contreras Caro, CEO of Azvi Group; Jaume Miquel, president of Tendam, and Javier Targhetta, president of Atlantic Cooper, among others.

Ana Botella, from Integra Foundation; Mireya Cisneros, founder of United in Network; Bettina Bulgheroni, founder and president of Educating Foundation; Clara Arpa, president of Spanish Global Compact Network; Antonio Fernández-Galiano, President of Editorial Unit; Juan Luis Cebrián, honorary president of The country; Cynthia Hudson, Vice President and CEO of CNN Spanish (USA); César Cernuda, president of NetApp, and Javier Tebas, president of The league, have confirmed their presence at the IV Congress Ceapi.

Gema Sacristán, general director of Business of IDB Invest; Rebeca Grynspan, Secretary General of the SEGIB, and Begoña Gómez, director of the Chair of TSC of the Complutense University. The three entities are collaborators of this IV Congress, organized by Ceapi.

Business leaders will share transformative experiences, cases and ideas. Many of these proposals will materialize in the Business Tables. These thematic executive meetings are held behind closed doors, with the utmost confidentiality, with the aim of fostering mutual knowledge, promoting synergies and opening new business opportunities.

The experience and example of all business leaders who will attend the Congress Ceapi will be at the service of society to contribute to the transformations required by the change of era after the pandemic. The objective of Ceapi is to favor this space for debate and the meeting between business, society, the third sector and institutions. May 17 and 18 will be the time to believe and create Iberoamerica.

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