Madrid vibrates again with the greatest magic show in the world: HANGAR 52 Revolution

Madrid vibrates again with the greatest magic show in the world: HANGAR 52 Revolution.

Madrid vibrates again with the greatest magic show in the world: HANGAR 52 Revolution.

Produced by Illusion Creative Studio in collaboration with IFEMA MADRID, the Magician YUNKE returns with all the spectacularity of his magic to become one more year the most successful event on the Madrid billboard. And he does it with the premiere of the second season of his shocking show HANGAR 52, Revolution, which will be on the bill from October 1 to January 9.

Thus, after a year waiting for his return to the stage, the Magician YUNKE once again dazzles audiences throughout Spain with the genius of his great illusions and the spectacular nature of his scenography. It is the largest magic production that has been staged internationally, created by the current Magic World Champion and the only one on the international scene who designs each of the illusions that make up his show. Together with him, the World Invention Champion, Gonzalo Gallardo, has created all the special effects production that make HANGAR 52 Revolution a unique bet and an absolutely innovative concept.

Revolutionizing the world of Magic

HANGAR 52 Revolution arrives coinciding with the moment of greatest effervescence of leisure tourism in Madrid, at the start of the autumn and pre-Christmas season, to once again become the most successful show on the billboard. And it is that this year, after the resounding success it obtained in 2019, its second season begins with great news. A new space, Pavilion 1 of IFEMA MADRID, through which more than 150,000 spectators will pass, whose dimension of more than 5,000 square meters makes it the only space in the city with the capacity to host the staging of this spectacular production at the purest Las Vegas style, which brings together more than 20 great illusions and an internationally unique staging.

The second season of HANGAR 52 also arrives with new and impressive original numbers, which will make you live a unique experience. A fascinating show that surpasses all limits in an extraordinary proposal that manages to surprisingly meld the best Magic numbers with incredible special effects. Ingredients that make the return of HANGAR 52 Revolution an event that covers, through an exciting story, all the mysteries of magic. From a fascinating number that defies the law of Gravity, to the secrets jealously guarded by Leonardo da Vinci, to NASA teleportation experiments, interstellar gates to ancient Egypt, rituals of the warriors of the Great Wall of China, missing planes in WWII, weapons of destruction and amazing state-of-the-art illusions. A great show, unpublished, absolutely original and entirely created by the Magician YUNKE, which will once again be the great success of the season in Madrid, and which will surprise by its strength, its beauty and its authenticity.

The great illusion that led him to win the World Championship of Magic

One of the highlights of HANGAR 52 Revolution will be the great illusion with which Mago YUNKE proclaimed himself the current Winner of the World Championship of Magic in Korea. It is a spectacular illusion inspired by the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Vitruvian Man, 800 kilos and more than 2 meters high, with which YUNKE surpasses the limits of the impossible, and now reaches Madrid.

A unique show for a unique magician

More than 1.5 million viewers from around the world have already enjoyed the magic of YUNKE living a unique and shocking experience, and enjoying the creativity and ingenuity that has placed the world champion on the international front line for his ability as a designer and creator of great illusions. YUNKE is the only magician in the world who combines his performances with the invention, design and production of the effects that he exhibits in his shows. For this, it has a 900-square-meter laboratory where it is inspired for the creative development of its productions, and where it has devised each of the surprising numbers that HANGAR 52 Revolution will be able to see.

About YUNKE.- The magician YUNKE is one of the great illusionists of the international sphere. The spectacularity of its staging, its authenticity and the uniqueness of its effects have earned it numerous awards. In addition to being champion of magic in Spain, he has world awards in the FISM championships of 2000 and 2018, organized by the International Federation of Magic, and in the International Festival of Illusionism, Mandrakes D'or, as well as an Honorable mention of the Royal Family of Monaco, the Award in 2018 for the Merit of the Arts of Castellón for his work in favor of research and dissemination of the art of magic, and the Golden Oracle.

Inventor and producer of his own magic numbers, he bases his success on innovation and the constant launching of new illusions. His magic is full of beauty and mystery, ingredients that have led him to show his art around the world, and to participate in national and international television programs. His most famous television appearances have been in programs such as El Hormiguero, both in his stage of Cuatro and now in Antena 3; Shalakabula, on Telemadrid and regional televisions; By Arte de Magia, on Antena 3; Nada x Here, on Cuatro, and Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, on TV1 France, among many others. Likewise, it has been an advertising image for well-known brands such as Telefónica.


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