Madrid urges the Government to stop the works

The Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, has once again asked the central government to paralyze the works being carried out in the city, given that the Consistory does not have the powers to do so, and it is an activity that is continuing its course. "unjustifiable" despite the state of alarm.

In the press conference after the Governing Board, Villacís insisted on this request to the Central Executive, after last Friday he had already sent a report to the Community of Madrid so that it, in turn, proposed to the State that works stop.

After almost a week publicly reiterating this demand, the vice mayor has indicated that she has not yet received a response from the Government, so she has insisted on her request that no worker in this sector be "harmed".

"It is important that everyone knows that the City Council does not have the necessary powers to paralyze the works," said Villacís, who insists that the City Council has "repeatedly" asked the Ministry of Public Works to order the stoppage.

He added that the Consistory has intensified the inspection work, which is where they can go according to their powers.

In this sense, the spokesperson for the municipal government, Inmaculada Sanz, has detailed that an inspection protocol has been carried out to verify the documentation in order, to verify that the workers have sufficient and adequate protective equipment, and to observe that the security measures.


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