June 19, 2021

Madrid taxi drivers decide to support an indefinite strike

Madrid taxi drivers decide to support an indefinite strike

The taxi drivers from Madrid have decided in a consultation called by the majority associations of the sector that will support an indefinite strike to demand the Community of Madrid to regulate the licenses of VTC vehicles.

About 95 percent of the professionals who have participated in the process have opined that the best option to demand their claims is an indefinite strike, as indicated by the associations calling for this referendum, although they have not yet specified when that call will be.

Between 9,000 and 10,000 professionals, both holders and salaried employees, have participated in the consultation that the main associations of the taxi convened to submit a referendum on what steps they must take to achieve their claims.

An assembly of some 4,000 taxi drivers, in which other associations such as Elite Taxi and the Caracol Platform participated, already decided last Friday to go on an indefinite strike starting on January 21, before the celebration of the Fitur tourism fair, although These stoppages have not yet been called.

The so-called "taxi war" that this group launched in the face of the proliferation of licenses for rental vehicles with driver (VTC), platforms such as Cabify or Uber, has returned to revive. It will be tomorrow when the associations of the sector inform on the steps to follow to achieve their demands.

This conflict was interrupted after the approval of a royal decree law to regulate the activity of the VTC, validated last October 25 by the Congress, where it is waiting to be processed as a bill and subject, therefore, to amendments .

The concern of the taxi drivers that their processing in the Congress has not begun caused that last Wednesday the sector in the capital resumed their protests.


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