March 1, 2021

Madrid Stock Exchange rises 0.23%

The Spanish stock market is 0.23% minutes after the opening, a rise that allows it to exceed 9,300 points, despite the financial sector's burden.

The main European places have also received the news in positive, with gains of 0.2% in Frankfurt and London and 0.1% in Paris and Milan. Inside the Ibex 35, IAG and Meliá led the advances in the opening, with gains slightly above 1%, followed by Endesa (+ 0.94%), Iberdrola (+ 0.83%) and CIE Automotive (+ 0.80%).

The decreases, on the other hand, were concentrated in ArcerloMittal (-0.84%) and the banks: Sabadell and Bankia lost 0.5%; BBVA and Santander were down 0.47%, and CaixaBank and Bankinter were down 0.3%.

In the debt market, the Spanish risk premium fell to 64.2 basis points, with interest at minimums of 0.24%, while in the currency market the euro lost ground against the dollar and was exchanged at 1 , 1272 'green tickets'.

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