June 21, 2021

Madrid Stock Exchange opens with a rise of 0.17%

Madrid Stock Exchange opens with a rise of 0.17%

The IBEX 35 rises at midday on Wednesday 0.31% in a slightly upward climate in most of the major European markets, all pending the decision to adopt the European Council on the extension of the "brexit" and news from the European Central Bank .

At midday, the main indicator of the Spanish market, the IBEX 35, rose 28.80 points, 0.31%, to 9,436.60 points, which puts the annual gain at 10.5%.

The markets are anxiously awaiting the solution to the "brexit", on which the EU leaders will decide today if they grant an extension for the orderly departure from the United Kingdom and for how long.

In addition, today meets the Governing Council of the ECB although analysts do not expect big news after the strength of Mario Draghi at the meeting in March in which delayed the rate hike at least until the end of this year and announced the launch of the third round of the liquidity program for September.

On what if there could be something new is about the policy in relation to the deposit facility, the 0.4% that the ECB charges to the banks that deposit their excess liquidity, and that it costs the entities annually about 7,000 million euros Today will also be known the minutes of the last meeting, the beginning of March, of the American Federal Reserve, but here too there is not much news; and the inflation data for March in the United States will be published.

The external stock market references for European markets have been mostly bearish, since the industrial Dow Jones index closed last night with a decline of 0.72% and in Asia, the Nikkei fell 0.56% and Hang Seng 0.13%, while the Chinese CSI rose 0.26%. In Europe, Frankfurt rises 0.37%, Paris advances 0.34% and Milan 0.24% and only falls, very slightly, London, 0.02%.

Of the large Spanish securities, only BBVA is at this time negative, with a cut of 0.32%, while the largest increases are recorded by Repsol (1.99%), Santander (0.56%) and Telefónica ( 0.47%). In the debt market, one more day the 10-year German bond is listed as negative, at -0.003% and the Spanish bonds at that time are paid at 1.062%, slightly cheaper than the previous day and the risk premium cuts to the 106 basic points.

In the crude market, Brent oil, a reference in Europe, is paid at 71.02 dollars per barrel, slightly more than the 70.61 of yesterday's close. EFECOM


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