Madrid shows its power in Munich | sports

Madrid shows its power in Munich | sports

Real Madrid showed their great moment in Euroleague with the victory (72-82) against Bayern Munich on day 14, the second this week and a new sample of potential in a duel on the break (31-46), a Although the Germans sought to react in a give and take that was the champion with details and success.

Those of Pablo Laso added their fourth consecutive victory in Europe to continue strengthening their way to the 'Top 8'. Madrid remain second in the table with 12 victories, five more than the eighth, with a firm step towards the first goal of the season. Anthony Randolph (22 points) and Sergio Llull (17) were the best.

The champion broke the game by the hand of Llull. The '23', which is looking little by little for his best form after the last injured season, scored 17 points in 12 minutes. The Balearic, along with Randolph, was the first partial (16-27) and the resumption of the second. So Madrid was amassing a good income based on defense and a success far superior to the local.

Tavares was once again intimidated by the Old Continent based on plugs. A lot of success and intensity put the match very well for Laso's team (31-46), but after the break the champion relaxed. The dynamic of the game deceived the whites, who lowered their arms in defense and allowed to get into the fight against Bayern, despite the triple from Randolph and Taylor.

Those of Dejan Radonjic cut the 18 down (31-49) in the third quarter, improving on the fly to give their option to surprise Madrid. He stayed the game for the little details, the quality of moments that mark a victory or defeat. Koponen (10 points), Dedovic (10), Jovic (11), Barthel (10) searched for the Germans.

Bayern went two minutes before the end, without confirming their comeback (66-68), while free throws by Causeur, Tavares more plugs and a Thompkins triple gave Mattress back to Madrid (68-75) ). Bayern refused to surrender seeking to confirm its status as a revelation, but the champion showed his strength to make good the last victories at home.

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