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Sunday, August 1, 1971. George Harrison gathers 35 first-rate musicians in New York's Madison Square Garden to help refugees from East Pakistan, victims of dreadful torrential rains. Sala But de Madrid, December 1, 2018. To evoke an event of such dimensions requires a great agglutinator of wills, and no one better than "one of Bilbao" for such purposes. Jokin Salaverria, a 38-year-old bassist from Vizcaya, is the creator of this imitation for equally beneficial purposes and to which 29 artists have joined for now. The recipient of the profits will be this time the Food Bank. "You do not have to go far to find causes of solidarity. We also see shortcomings here, at the doors of our homes, "reflects Salaverria.

Among the interpreters involved are luminaries such as Rami Jaffee (organist of Foo Fighters), Johnny Kaplan, Martí Perarnau (Mucho), Roberto Crockery Lozano (Corizonas), Aurora Garcia (Aurora and the Betrayers), Íñigo Coppel or Junior Mackenzie, although in the very extensive payroll still fit incorporations in extremis. "This Sunday we did the official rehearsal and, wow, that sounds like the Sound wall of Phil Spector ", emphasizes Jokin, halfway between the enthusiasm and the northern hyperbole. The program reproduces the entire menu of the original concert -including the preamble of Indian music that then contributed Ravi Shankar- and add to the encores some additional candy from Harrison. If you do not want to be gutted, omit the reading of these next two lines: at that end of the party they will sound Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth), wonder Harrisonian of 1973, or If I needed someone, classic of the Beatle era that will recreate alimón Germán Salto and Nina de Juan, de Morgan.

Madrid revives the legendary 'Concierto por Bangladesh'

Salto does not hide his excitement at the return. "I'm one of those who thinks that All Things Must Pass, Harrison [1970], is the best record of a Beatle solo, "he admits. "When I discovered as a child that a few months later I had organized this charity concert, I became obsessed with its staff of musicians. The famous Sound wall It was true: it is striking that so many people, with so few trials, could sound that beautiful and elegant way ". And it sums up: "Harrison's songs demand to be aware not only of the beauty of each phrase, but of the intensity changes".

It did not sound on that historic night only the music of the Liverpool guitarist, but up to five originals of Dylan. This Saturday they will be divided between Kaplan, Coppel and the veteran José María Guzmán, Salaverria's personal weakness. "I am especially excited to have him, because both Solera and Canovas, Rodrigo, Adolfo and Guzman blow my head," he admits. Can not be Dhani Harrison, son of the ill-fated beatle, to which the event coincides in full tour of Australia. However, he has blessed the initiative by announcing it from the Official Twitter account in his father's name.

With all the details practically finished, now we just need to exhaust the paper in the box office and weigh if the recording and subsequent edition of the concert is feasible in economic terms. "The technical costs and permits can trigger the budget, and in these last two weeks, in addition to leaving many gray hairs, I spent more time in front of an Excel sheet than practicing with the bass," the driver of this Concert for Bangladesh to the Spanish Because solidarity and awareness, says Jokin, are consubstantial to popular music. "Music is one of our last medicines and the roc and roll a tool of protest. In fact, with the amount of reasons that exist to protest, I do not understand how there is not more rock and less trap"He concludes.


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