Madrid remembers deaths with COVID with a crepe at Puerta de Alcalá

The Madrid City Council held an act to pay tribute to those who died with a coronavirus on Thursday by placing a black crepe as a symbol of mourning at the Puerta de Alcalá, where Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida and the councilors of the opposition have kept a minute of silence.

In mourning, with a mask and some of them gloves, they have dedicated this memory to the deceased, 21,717 throughout Spain and 7,577 in the Community of Madrid, although the autonomous government estimates that at least 13,911 deaths related to COVID-19 in adding to the data on deaths in hospitals, deaths in residences (5,558), in homes (761) and elsewhere (15).

In the minute of silence, all municipal groups have been represented. In addition to the mayor, the vice mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís (Cs), the spokesperson for Más Madrid, Marta Higueras, the socialist spokesperson Pepu Hernández and the councilor for Vox Pedro Fernández, along with the PP spokesperson, Andrea Levy, attended.

The mayor has stressed the importance of remembering the deceased and of the "closeness" of the institutions to their loved ones.

"The Defense Minister said an expression referring to those who have been in the Ice Palace, she said they have never felt alone, they have always been accompanied, because that is the obligation that in relation to all the deceased we have from the institutions; that never feel alone, always accompanied and that your loved ones can have the support of the institutions, "he said to journalists.

In addition, he has emphasized the "message of unity" of all the municipal groups to build the "Madrid of the future" on "the memory of all those who have passed away" and with the aim of making it "a better Madrid even than we had before "

The Madrid councilor has also expressed his concern about the social crisis, since there will be "homes that are going to fall into a vulnerable situation that we never thought could fall" and that is why he asks "sensitivity" to the Pedro Sánchez government to allow it to spend the municipal surplus in facing the emergency and not in anticipating the payment of the debt.

"Wherever they need us, we will be, where we need to, we will be," added the mayor of the capital.


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