July 29, 2021

Madrid records the Mad Cool for not passing drink or food

Madrid records the Mad Cool for not passing drink or food

The Madrid City Council has opened two disciplinary proceedings against the promoter Live Nation for not allowing food or drink to pass at two festivals held in the capital, Mad Cool and Download, although it will not sanction the company because it does not have its registered office in the capital.

According to Efe sources from the area of ​​Health, Safety and Emergencies, the City Council "considers abusive the prohibition of entry with food or drinks acquired abroad to any show in whose premises or premises the promoter sells food or drink and does not constitute this benefit is the main reason for the commercial activity of the company ".

That is, according to this criterion, you can enter a cinema or a concert with food or drink but not in a restaurant.

For this reason and following a complaint by Facua on Mad Cool, the Madrid City Council has filed with the promoter Live Nation, although not being able to sanction it directly because it does not have a registered office in the capital, it transfers the inspection file to the Community of Madrid and with a proposed sanction, specifically "exercise of sanctioning power".

In a statement, Facua explains that it has denounced the promoter of Mad Cool on two occasions, because this ban was already in 2017, and the Municipal Consumer Institute initiated a sanctioning process to corroborate that in this edition the prohibition was maintained, contravening thus the Law of Protection to the Consumers.


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