Madrid prohibits meetings of non-cohabitants between midnight and six in the morning and re-implants the health zones

The Community of Madrid returns to the starting box. This Saturday at 4:47 p.m. the state of alarm decreed by the central government two weeks ago declined and it has decided to implement again measures aimed at restricting mobility and capacity in basic health areas with a higher incidence of the virus. As a novelty, the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has announced that meetings are limited from midnight to six in the morning only to “cohabitants”, which in practice is a kind of curfew.

Escudero has announced that it is extending the closing time of bars and restaurants until midnight – now it was until 11 pm with the state of alarm – in those areas that are not affected by the limitations of basic health zones. Consumption in bars is prohibited.

The general measures to limit capacity and meetings will come into effect from the fall of the state of alarm and the basic health zones on Monday. “The Community of Madrid continues with its plan against Covid-19 that is always based on technical criteria,” Escudero said. “The next few weeks will be difficult,” the counselor continued at his press conference to present the new Madrid measures.


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