Madrid probes Mourinho to replace Lopetegui | sports

Madrid probes Mourinho to replace Lopetegui | sports

The real Madrid has contacted Jose Mourinho to offer the bench that Julen Lopetegui now occupies. The current coach of Manchester United has held talks with the corporate director of Real Madrid, Jose Angel Sanchez, according to Chamartín club sources, who point out that the operation involves great complexity. Mourinho, whose situation in United is very delicate due to the terrible results, is waiting to be fired. Until that happens, he does not want to give up the two and a half seasons of salary he has committed to the English club, at a rate of 20 million euros net each.

This newspaper tried without success to know the official position of Madrid. The club is concerned to conduct negotiations with discretion to the extent that Mourinho has a contract in force with another institution. Real Madrid executives have investigated the technical environment to find a formula that allows him to negotiate his departure from United. The English team is in the 10th position of the Premier classification and nine points behind the leader, the City, and its leaders have witnessed with perplexity the progressive deterioration of the coach's relationship with the players. The imminent dismissal of Mourinho was the main course of the television gatherings in England until the unsuspecting draw he made last Saturday at Stamford Bridge (2-2), not without a resounding row with a Chelsea assistant and a complaint against their own players to reveal the alignment through social networks.

The pitfall between Madrid and Mourinho is the coach's desire to enforce his contract with United, which lasts until 2021. In Madrid have been able to know that if it is Mourinho himself who asks to leave, his negotiating position would be weakened by exposing him to lose much of the compensation. An expert with ties in both clubs calculates that if the coach waits for United to kick him out, he could negotiate until he gets 60 million euros gross. If he is the one who proposes the rescission, he would lose around 30 million.

Asked yesterday by Madrid's interest in signing him, Mourinho answered what the canons of the good negotiator say, during a press conference held in Manchester. "I want to be here and finish my contract," he said, "I even want to extend it. I want to be here until the last day. I only think about Manchester United. "

Until 2021

It is not the first time that Florentino Pérez and his right hand, José Ángel Sánchez, contemplate the idea of ​​replaying Mourinho, who left the club in the spring of 2013. Both leaders spoke with the coach offering him the team in the middle of the 2015 season -2016, after the failure of Rafa Benítez and while Zinedine Zidane was not consolidated in the post. Mourinho ended up bowing for United.

Now the ideal situation for the leaders of Madrid would be that Mourinho be fired, collect his compensation, and stay free as soon as possible. A person close to the Madrid administration indicates that they would offer a contract until 2021 and the salary would range between 10 and 12 million euros net per season. This source warns that, regardless of whether the club can present Mourinho as a long-term bet, Florentino Pérez thinks of it as a shock therapy. An escape route that enjoys the appreciation of a considerable part of the social mass, the so-called mourinhistas, but which may have little likelihood of viability beyond June 2019, in which case an exit would be agreed with a fixed compensation in advance of one year of salary.

Mourinho and Antonio Conte head the list of coaches that shuffles the board to relieve Lopetegui, whom they plan to dismiss after the classic. Both share fundamental characteristics: they practice a defensive football and stand out for an authoritarian management model of the squad. Florentino Perez, who fears that the coarse style of Conte football does not fit the fans' taste, especially appreciates the authoritarian and aggressive qualities of the Italian. As indicated by a presidential adviser, the leader believes that we must limit the growing influence that players have had since the arrival of Lopetegui.

It is not a coincidence that in the directive it is stated that Sergio Ramos, the captain, opined against the signing of Conte and in favor of Lopetegui, when they probed him in June. Nor is it trivial that Mourinho's relationship with Ramos, Marcelo and Carvajal, three of the costume leaders, was notoriously difficult during the Portuguese cycle in Valdebebas. The president believes that the players are the main responsible for the five consecutive games without winning that have precipitated Madrid to this situation.

The directive is to place Santiago Solari on the bench as a provisional solution. The recourse to the coach of Castilla would be activated in case it is inevitable to accelerate the dismissal of Lopetegui before formalizing the signing of another coach. In Madrid they count on that this provisional period could be extended even several weeks.

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