April 22, 2021

Madrid poet Carmen Jodra dies at 38

The Madrid poet Carmen Jodra died on Wednesday due to cancer, as confirmed by Europa Press the director of the publishing house La Bella Warsaw, also the poet Elena Medel.

Medel has ensured that Jodra was one of the "great poets of her generation" and that his poetry overflowed with beauty because although he also had room for sadness there was always in his verses "a point of light and an image for hope."

She also stressed that she was an "immense reader", a classical philologist and librarian who, as she recalled, was how she liked to introduce herself because "she loved her job". "It is a terrible loss," he said.

"Goodbye, Carmen Jodra. Immense poet, generous friend: wherever you look you will discover beauty. What a fortune of ours to enjoy your poems. The world was more beautiful – more habitable – when you told it," adds the editorial through Your Twitter account

Carmen Jodra Davó was born in Madrid in 1980. She was a graduate in Classical Philology from the Autonomous University of Madrid. He won the XIV Hyperion Award in 1999 with his first poems book 'The blackberries'. 'Dirty corners, his second poems', was published in 2004, and was distinguished with the second prize of the 19th Joaquín Benito de Lucas Prize. Jodra obtained a creation grant granted by the Madrid City Council to reside in 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 of the Student Residence.

That's how Jodra ended ‘Dirty corners’:


I think I've always written little, but now I write less,

and I don't write because I have nothing to say,

I think I'm tired of reading cultural supplements

whose critics would have to cut something from his body,

I think the study is not my thing, at least not just the study,

and that maybe I should teach cutting and sewing,

I think I feel weird impulses towards adorable creatures,

I think they are typified in our penal code,

I think maybe I'm called to go to a mountainous island

and there live dumb and wild drinking milk from goats.

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